Welcome to my personal website.  While I have or had several other websites, I am creating this one as a more personal, less formal, less corporate way to communicate.  I also will see if I can use it as a tool to generate some cash for a period of personal need.

To do that, I am making my first time offer for online alternative medical consultations.  Although I have created and operated several alternative medical clinics in the past, I have not done so for a few years.  It does seem a waste that the specialized knowledge which I have so painstakingly gathered over decades would go to waste when there are undoubtedly many who would benefit from it.  A few of the areas in which I feel I have expertise are spiritual breakthroughs, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, hypothyroidism and Wilson’s Thyroid Syndrome, EDTA for heavy metal detoxification and coronary artery disease.  For more concerning my areas of expertise, please see the Consultations link.

The question might be asked, “What are you engaged in which would give us a reason to support you?”  To which I would suggest that you review the website for Global Genius Trust, and this will give you an idea of the focus of my attentions for the last several years.  While I have experience and skill at diagnosing and treating the dysfunctions of individuals, I have felt called to devote my energies to exploring, diagnosing, and treating the dysfunctions of the world.  If at all possible, I will continue my efforts to create the structure and plan for instituting massive economic, technological, legal, and political change in the world.  For some insights into those changes, I suggest the work of HopeGirl and team and their Fix The World Project.  Anyone who desires to help in those efforts may contact us at info@ggtrust.com.

Watch for more pages on a variety of subjects, and suggest subjects you want me to write about!

I will have links and information on some of the medical issues, legal issues, financial and economic issues, a whole hodge podge. And I will be posting sections of my book on modern treatments of modern illnesses, as I get time.

Thanks for coming, enjoy yourself, and let me know what you think!

And if you would like to support us with a contribution, Click Here.


2 comments on “About

  1. Sienna Lea says:

    Hola Dan Great to see you opening a fresh space to share your knowledge and wisdom. Would you like me to post this to the Vilcabama Boletin for you? I wish you expansion and success in this new venture

  2. Rebecca says:

    Thanks for your creative mind and giving heart. Keep up the good work!

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