60 Minutes Ambush Journalism

Shortly after the journalistic ambush, knowing that, of the half hour or so that I spoke with Mr. Pelley, only a very few minutes would be aired,  I made an attempt to recall all of the questions that I was asked, and the answers that I gave, as well as those answers that I would have given had I had some time to consider the question.  Then, I realized that few people are really interested in a summary of our 35 minute interview (this number from the 60 Minutes website).  Most are likely only interested in the four minutes that I spoke on air.  I have thus prepared this summary, but you can read more of the interview questions and my comments here.

  1. I.                    What did they say?

Well, I said a lot of things, most of which were edited out.  If you want to read some more of our interview, as best I can remember, look here(Link Inactive).

The following points are what I got out of the news segment, with brief answers, explained more fully below:

  1. Dr. Ecklund keeps saying that there is a conspiracy to cover up new medical discoveries and therapies, but 60 minutes says that is impossible.
    1. Dr. Ecklund brought this up two or three times during his interview, but Master Mason Scott Pelley  of 60 minutes blows it off.
    2. Hmm, could that be because this “investigation” was funded by Lipitor, a branch of Big Pharma?


  1. Dr. Ecklund didn’t attend a stem cell residency program.
    1. Well, there aren’t any.


  1. Dr. Ecklund did not publish any articles about stem cells.
    1. Your doctor didn’t publish any articles on high blood pressure medications.  Does that mean that he cannot prescribe them?
    2. Dr. Kurtzberg, 60 minute’s expert, did not publish her own research on using stem cells for Cerebral Palsy!
    3. I wrote an extensive website on stem cells here.


  1. It is impossible that a child with Cerebral Palsy could have benefit from stem cell therapy.  “Dr. Kurtzberg told us there’s no evidence yet that stem cells can treat cerebral palsy.”
    1. Many children with CP have had benefit from stem cell therapy. 
    2. Dr. Kurtzberg herself has treated CP children with stem cells, and had good results:,2933,573265,00.html#ixzz1iyM7JjVD
    3. Most treated children are in other countries.
    4. See this unsolicited comment from a CBS website viewer.


  1. There is no therapeutic use for stem cells.
    1. Why don’t you ask that Dr. Kurtsberg at Duke, who 60 minutes uses as the source for that statement, yet who is herself using stem cells for therapeutic purposes, including leukemia and cerebral palsy?,2933,573265,00.html#ixzz1iyM7JjVD
    2. And who has a 10 million dollar stem cell clinic to treat Cerebral Palsy and various other disorders with stem cells!
    3. 60 minutes says that she says there are no therapeutic uses for stem cells.  So, why is she using them?  And what does this tell us about the veracity of what 60 minutes says?
    4. Or the successful treatments overseas, which are being shut down?  Links below.
    5. Why does CBS keep removing positive comments, like the ones from intheknowstemcells?


  1. Dr. Ecklund’s lab is round, so it must be substandard.
    1. Um, Duh!
    2. Nobody said it was state of the art except Scott Pelley, and I TOLD him that it was not.  It is a production lab, not a research lab.
    3. Local hospital directors have told us that our lab is more up to date than the hospital labs are.
    4. Our lab has been raided twice, the latter time with 40 police in SWAT gear.  All charges dismissed.


  1. The stem cells we bought from you were ALL DEAD.  “Biological Junk!” 
    1. We tested the cells by thawing an aliquot (sample) and counting them. 
    2. It is very important to follow our thawing protocol, or else you will have lowered cell count and viability, as the Duke group got.
    3. Since the CBS crew lied to the public about the actual cell count, I don’t think that we can believe much about their report about the cells at all, can we?
    4. And they weren’t actually all dead, 100,000 of them were alive, but CBS didn’t want to include that admission in the broadcast segment.


  1. The Sussers do not have the ability to make up their own minds about whether or not to have their son receive stem cells.  Even if they have full disclosure about risks and benefits, they do not have the intellectual or moral ability to make such a decision.
    1. If you say so
    2. Did you realize that poor Mr. Susser is a lawyer?  HE would never be able to understand an informed consent form, would he?
    3. The Sussers previously claimed that their son has regained some sight and had other improvements following stem cell therapies.  CBS won’t allow that info to be posted.  What gives?


  1. Dr. Ecklund is running a scam.
    1. This is assumed by the whole tone of the piece.  Not a lot of data there, and what is presented is faulty or lies.  But, this is presented as if it were fact, and everything else is incidental.
    2. So, what is a scam?  And does this qualify?


  1. Dr. Ecklund is an evil pervert.


  1. This was brought to you by Lipitor
    1. Self explanatory
  1. There is a conspiracy.

I spoke  with Scott Pelley extensively about Big Pharma control of the US medical system, and Master Mason Scott Pelley has just ignored what I said.  I realize that readers most likely have an opinion already about this subject, and don’t want to read much about it here.  So, for a more in depth exploration, please see my essay here.  A few important points follow.

  • Witness Royal Rife, [Discovering a Cure for Cancer can be Dangerous to your Health] who discovered and proved a cure for cancer and all infectious diseases in the 1930s and was destroyed by the AMA
  •  Philip Semmelweis, who tried to save the lives of women by teaching doctors to wash their hands between dissecting cadavers and delivering babies, and was driven mad by his colleagues,
  • Stan Burzynski, who discovered cures for brain and other cancers, began FDA trials and was sued by the FDA three times, winning all of them, or
  • Max Gerson, driven out of the country by doctors because of his successful cancer cures, and many more.
  1. Training


I was accused of not receiving specialized training in stem cell therapy.  Well, guess what?  There isn’t any program in using neonatal stem cells therapeutically, except for cancer treatment!  I did graduate from medical school, take three years of residency and study stem cells for another three years.  But, of course, to CBS that doesn’t count.

So, how do doctors learn about stem cells?  They read lots of books and medical journals, and attend medical conferences, just like I did.  And just like Dr. Kurtzberg, 60 Minutes’ expert.

  1. Publication

Scott Pelley says that if I did not publish any studies on stem cells, that I am incapable of working with them.  Well, I would be that Scott Pelley’s physician has not done any publications on aspirin or antibiotics or blood pressure medicine, but that doesn’t mean that he is incapable of using them!

As a matter of fact, Dr. Kurtzberg, who CBS holds up as an expert in stem cells, has not published her work on cerebral palsy treatment with stem cells, either.  Click on the link!

Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy –

  1. Laboratory


No one has claimed that our laboratory is state of the art, except Scott Pelley.  I told him that it is not, it is a research lab.  You can view a video of our lab here.  We have had local hospital directors visit our lab, and they have told us that it is more modern than their hospital lab.  So, Scott Pelley decides that he needs to bring up the fact that it is round?  What is the point?

My partner in Ecuador was interviewed for several hours about our lab, ostensibly for a newspaper article.  None of that interview made it into the broadcast segment.  None of the videos of our lab, or photos.  Just mockery that, if the lab is in “a geodesic dome” (as Scott Pelley said, and which it is not.  It is a concrete dome) that it must be somehow sinister.  Beats me.

Our lab has been attacked twice during the last two years.  The first time with gunshots, and the second time with 40 national police in riot gear, with several lawyers.  They said that they had been told that we were killing babies, running drugs and weapons, and smuggling Peruvians.  Alas, no drugs, weapons or Peruvians were found.  No dead babies either, since we use only the discarded umbilical cords to make stem cells.

  1. Cells All Dead!?!

What happened to the cells?

There is nothing we can do at this point to prove that the cells were alive when they left our lab.  We have documentation which shows that we sent 13.5 million live umbilical cord blood stem cells.  (Claims that we sent 20 million cells are more lies from CBS.)  We can get the testimony of our technician, who thawed an aliquot (sample) of these cells and counted them.   We can show you the email to the technician who purchased them, showing the proper way to thaw them.  But we cannot say that the technician followed our procedure.  And if he did  not, if he, for example, used plasma instead of serum when thawing the cells, then it would have formed a clot, reduced the number of cells, and appeared like “biological debris”.

“The cells were all dead”

During the interview, Pelley stated that the cells were all dead.  That is what he said on the air.  But actually, he later corrected himself, and said that A LOT of the cells were dead.  Of course, that did not play on the air.  There is no way that I can force him to reveal the actual report, but he lied about this, and I suspect that he lied about other things.  Again, we don’t know how his hired guns handled the cells, nor what the actual report said.  He misquoted Dr. Kurtzberg about her work with stem cells and cerebral palsy, or she lied about it to him.  It is likely that there were other lies from that quarter.

  1. No Therapeutic Use for Stem Cells

“Pelley: Some of the diseases that we see stem cell cures offered for on the Internet include multiple sclerosis.”

“Kurtzberg: There are no stem cell cures yet for multiple sclerosis.”

Could it be, without putting words in her mouth, that Dr. Kurtzberg  really  means that there are no treatments recognized by the USA medical establishment?

Look at this comment on the 60 Minutes website:

by stemcelldavid1268 January 9, 2012 12:20 AM EST

Here we go again! 60 minutes does a story and doesn’t give you the truth. Only what they want you to hear. I HAD STEM CELL TREATMENT FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS 2-1/2 YEARS AGO AND IT WORKED GREAT!!!!! I have been 100% and medication free!!! Dr. Kurtzberg at Duke University said and I quote “there is nothing you can do”. Dr. Kurtzberg is correct when she states that “there are no cures yet for MS”, but she shows total disregard and didn’t bother to mention how stem cells can greatly improve the condition and your way of life.

I personally spent over three years on my couch, on a daily basis, with no energy! Severe fatigue like you have never felt in your life, fighting MS and having to see my family watch me deteriorate. I’d like 60 minutes to do a story on me! Come to my house 60 Minutes AND Dr. Kurtzberg and tell me that the facility I went to was a fraud and that “there is nothing I can do”. Try and tell my family “there is nothing you can do”! Try and tell my friends “there is nothing you can do”! I’VE DONE IT, MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS CAN VOUCH FOR IT……….AND IT WORKS!

Stem cells WORK! Do your homework and find the right facility.

For evidence that stem cells can help brain dysfunction, please watch these videos:



Unfortunately, the German government closed down this successful stem cell clinic.  Big Pharma wins another one.

  1.    Cerebral Palsy—Untreatable with Stem Cells?

Ok, what about Cerebral Palsy?  Another comment:

by LoveThatMax January 8, 2012 11:49 PM EST

As the parent of a child with cerebral palsy, this is so troubling. We were fortunate enough to have Dr. Kurtzberg do a stem cell infusion for our our son two summers ago; we’d banked his cord blood at birth. (Here’s where I wrote about it: ). Dr. K. told us from the start she couldn’t guarantee results. But my husband and I decided that if it couldn’t hurt Max and that it might help, we’d do it. Today, we don’t know for sure that the stem cell infusion is in any way responsible for the progress Max has made, but it doesn’t matter: We’re just grateful for the progress.

Now, let me get this straight—Dr. Kurtzberg says, according to 60 minutes, that you can’t treat CP with stem cells, and then we have 2 reports from people whose children are improved as a result of DR. KURTZBERG GIVING THEM STEM CELL TREATMENTS?  Are you KIDDING ME?  Where is the truth in this story????

Here is another unsolicited comment on the 60 minutes site:

by mackfruits January 8, 2012 11:07 PM EST

… my son is 5 years old and has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. We took him to Germany for a stem cell treatment and he has had great results. We were never promised a cure for his cerebral palsy and we weren’t looking for a cure. He is walking on his own, he can sign over 30 different things and tries to use his words, he is no longer on reflux medication, and the list goes on. To most people this list does not sound like major life changing things, but to a special needs kid these are HUGE improvements. It would be nice to see an episode about how stem cells have helped. Our family, as well as several other families that we network with have had great results and we would all be glad to share our stories and show the good side of stem cells!!!

And look at these links.

Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy – Holly Catalano – YouTube

Stem Cell Treatment – Cerebral Palsy (2) – YouTube

stem cell treatment cp – YouTube

Cerebral Palsy:

There are lots of reports of successful treatment of CP with stem cells!  Where was the work done?  Well, most of it is NOT IN THE UNITED STATES!  And there is a concerted effort to close down the hospitals and clinics which are offering stem cell treatments.  A prominent one was closed in Costa Rica, and another one in Germany was also closed.  But, Dr. Kurtzberg is treating patients in the US, and yet she denies it on national television!!!  What is wrong with this picture?  Where is the truth?

Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg lied on 60 Minutes!!!

You can listen (4:30 mark in the video) to her lies on 60 Minutes for yourself:;storyMediaBox

Here is the Truth:

Dr Kurtzberg herself treated 150 babies/kids with Cerebral Palsy using Adult Stem Cells from cord blood and had great success! Look for yourself:

Look at this website:

Stem Cell Therapy for Cerebral Palsy –

28 Jul 2007 … Few people know that cerebral palsy was treated by Dr. Kurtzburg from Duke University

I am so sick of hearing about unpublished case studies…why is it that everyone has a story but none of this is ever published? This is not an “offshore” phenomena since even the “Great” Kurtzburg didn’t publish about that kid she treated. What a disgrace. If the kid really got better and wasnt a ploy for politicians…then why the hell has no one published it.

If indeed you have case reports from even 1 patient…even 1 patient.. not hundreds…but 1 that had objective CP and then got better why dont you publish it???

There are soooo many scientists who would love to work with you to do this….

Tania Watts

So, here is the EXPERT Dr. Kurtzberg who has clinical experience treating CP with stem cells, yet SHE DOES NOT PUBLISH HER OWN RESEARCH!  And why is that?  Could it be that she is afraid of 60 minutes ambushing her?

Here is a comment from a viewer:

by ThomasIchim January 8, 2012 9:19 PM EST

If cord blood stem cells have no scientific basis for use in cerebral palsy, then why is Joanne Kurtzberg (the Duke hematologist) running clinical trials in cerebral palsy patients with cord blood stem cells? What qualifies a hematologist to be doing cerebral palsy research anyways?

What was the rationale when Dr. Kurtzburg started treating patients BEFORE getting an IND (official FDA approval)? Arguably she was breaking the law just as bad as the conman we saw when she was treating patients before getting an IND.

The rationale was claims from offshore clinics of improvements in patients after taking cord blood!

If Dr. Kurtzberg believes stem cells are such a far away dream, she should not be treating little kids with cerebral palsy BUT FIRST DEMONSTRATE THE SCIENTIFIC MECHANISM in animal studies.

  1. Sussers say Adam is Much Better After Stem Cell Treatments

Susser’s History

I post this from the 60 minutes comments.

by intheknowstemcells January 9, 2012 12:32 PM EST

I’ve submitted a post that included 2 past new quotes form Dr. Kurtzberg about how patients are improving after her treatment at Duke, a local news video of the Susser’s claiming miraculous improvements after treatment abroad, including eyesight recovery that they verified at a local university and lastly, a link to congressional records of US Florida Rep Wexler, “Now, after receiving multiple stem cell treatments, Adam has miraculously recovered partial sight; he has overcome is atrophy, gaining the ability to move and walk; he communicates verbally, and even goes horseback riding.” – and apparently, this site keeps censoring them. What’s up 60 minutes?

So, I looked up newspaper articles to see what the family said.  It was surprising!

First of all, this guy Gary Susser is not some poor victim of a scam.  If anything, he is a perpetrator of an entrapment.  He is a lawyer, and has medically verified evidence that stem cell treatments in Mexico have been instrumental in helping his son:

Each day, the Boynton Beach consumer and elder rights attorney, and his wife, Judy, are trying to get closer to that dream….

Adam’s parents say he has shown great improvement since he received two umbilical cord stem cell treatments in February and November.

“After the second treatment, he started talking, making more sounds, being more verbal,” said Judy Susser, who said he also has more strength, mobility and flexibility.

A little less than three months after receiving his first stem cell treatment, doctors told the Sussers that Adam probably would never see. But about three weeks later, they watched as Adam followed a ball across the floor with his eyes that his twin brother, Brandon, had rolled to him.

Doctors confirmed that Adam could see.

“Child with Cerebral Palsy Who Could Not See or Speak Does Both Following Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Therapy” – is how the title of a press release article sounds today, February 10, 2005.

Adam was cortically blind and could not speak prior to receiving human umbilical cord stem cells. He now can both see and speak.

See 5 minute video here.

Since receiving the stem cell therapy, the Sussers said Adam has been able to do something a Miami doctor deemed impossible – see.

Three months and one week after Adam received his first shot, the Sussers said, they were sitting at home with the children when Brandon rolled a ball across the floor and Adam tracked it with his eyes.

“He’d never done that before,” said Gary Susser, his voice getting loud with enthusiasm.

His parents took him to a second eye specialist, this one outside Fort Lauderdale. She said Adam could see, though his vision was very poor, Susser said.

“He needs glasses. . . . But now he can see me come into the room. He can recognize me without my saying a word.

“Isn’t that worth the money?”

Whaaaat?  Does he, or doesn’t he, show improvement after his stem cell treatments?

Wait it gets even better! Here is US Congressional testimony from Florida Rep. Robert Wexler saying how impressed he was by the Susser family results with their child from adult stem cells that were done in another country:

Gary Susser either lied about it in 2005, or in 2012.  And how does this reflect on the veracity of 60 Minutes, for knowingly going along with his lies?  I thank intheknowstemcells for his post, because apparently 60 Minutes doesn’t want us to know!

  1. Was this  a scam?

According to the Free Online Dictionary, a scam is “A fraudulent business scheme; a swindle.”  So, there must be intent in order for there to be a scam.  Without fraudulent intent, it would be a mistake.

We are accused of

1) fraudulently  trying to convince someone to buy something which we said was stem cells,

2) but which was not, and

3) which we said had a good chance of helping someone, but

4) could not possibly help.

Is that accurate?

Well, we have looked at part 4 of these allegations, and we have seen that there is a fair amount of evidence that stem cells CAN help a patient with Cerebral Palsy, as witnessed by the commentators who testify of their own experience, and also youTube videos which give evidence, and also Dr. Kurtzberg’s own actions in treating CP kids with stem cells!

Part 3 alleges that I made claims that stem cells could help someone with a brain injury, which I admit saying, and have evidence that this statement is true.

Part 1 indicates that we (or I) acted fraudulently, that is, with malice aforethought, trying to trick someone to buy stem cells.  Wait a minute!  This guy Gary Susser has taken his son to buy stem cells in Mexico on three separate occasions!  He is a lawyer, and knows perfectly well, after doing much studying and writing many articles on the internet and newspapers, the possibilities of stem cells working for his son.  In fact, he is quoted in several newspaper articles, ON HIS OWN WEBSITE, to say that STEM CELLS HELPED HIS SON.

Could we have been “enticing” this guy to buy stem cells?  Not hardly!  And what did Scott Pelley say?  He said that 60 Minutes “asked [Gary Susser] to contact StemTech Labs.”  Does that sound like we were pulling the wool over his eyes?  And when we gave him a full disclosure of risks and benefits, something that he, as a Lawyer was very familiar with, were we trying to deceive him?

Let’s review what actually happened.  Susser calls us up and asks if stem cells could be helpful for his son.  In our experience, and the experience of others in this field, the answer was YES.  And, since he had already had improvement with the Mexican cells, it was likely that he would have more success.

What moral person, who had a treatment which had been shown in the past to be effective in the treatment of a condition, OR FOR THE TREATMENT OF A SPECIFIC PERSON, SUCH AS SUSSER’S SON, WOULD DENY HIM THAT TREATMENT?  What moral person would not do all that he could to provide a service which had caused this young boy to be able to see,  as Gary Susser had testified on at least three TV stations, at least three newspapers, AND IN TESTIMONY TO CONGRESS?

He asked for a recommendation as to number of cells and treatments.  My partner and I discussed giving him treatments for free, but we were not financially able to do that, so I suggested one treatment, at our cost of $2500, to insure that the cells would be effective, before we tried any more.  SUSSER REQUESTED MORE TREATMENTS!  Why?  Obviously, he was not interested in successfully treating his son!  He just wanted the sting to be more blatant!

We offered to make arrangements for the Sussers to come to Ecuador and be treated by a licensed physician.  HE REFUSED.  THIS LAWYER REFUSED LAWFUL TREATMENT!  He tried to get us to refer him to one of our physicians in the US, but something did not feel right, so I did not want to endanger them.  After 2 months of study, I decided that I was willing to engage in a private contract with this lawyer to provide the cells for his son.  IF THERE WAS A CRIME COMMITTED, IT WAS WITH THE FULL COOPERATION AND ENTRAPMENT OF THIS “OFFICER OF THE COURT”.

Furthermore,  if we were just about getting money, we would charge 10 times as much as we do.  That is what they do in other off-shore stem cell clinics!  $25,000 for a treatment, whereas we only charged $2500 per treatment.  Could it be that this is what is making the Dr. Kurtzbergs of the world nervous?

In the past, if there were cases in which our customers were not satisfied with the quality of their stem cell treatment, we have always given a free treatment.   Does that indicate that we are acting fraudulently?  Does it indicate that our intention is to deceive and not provide value for payment?  No.  There is no evidence that this was our intent.   There is only supposition of evil intent by 60 Minutes, and no evidence of it.

Which leaves Part 2.  It was our firm understanding that we were delivering viable stem cells.  Again, our policy of providing repeat treatments if the cells did not perform as expected was very much in force.  I cannot say how these cells were damaged.  I strongly suspect that the team at Duke University, who have been shown to be less than truthful, damaged them.  I do know that we tested them before shipment, and they were viable.  I cannot say how they handled them.  And I strongly suspect, though I cannot prove it, that the 60 Minutes/Lipitor/Duke team were negligent in handling the cells.

So, ultimately, this whole entrapment episode comes down to were the cells viable, were they really stem cells, and were we, StemTech Labs, intending to provide non-viable cells.  None of the rest of this matters, if the cells were viable.  We have shown that all of the other allegations were either untrue, or irrelevant, or both.

  1. XI.                Personal Attacks:

As for the garbage flung from Alabama, I had a stem cell lab there, and was put in jail three times.  The police charged me with having a drug lab, because I had white powder in the lab!  As I told 60 minutes, (but they did not include) have you ever seen a laboratory without white powder?  Have you ever seen a KITCHEN without white powder?  I was charged with drug charges worth 120 years, left in jail for 90 days, and then all charges were dropped, because there was neither evidence nor a crime which had been committed.

Have you noticed that lately, when the PowersThat Were desire to destroy someone’s credibility, that there are a few common labels that they apply?  One of them is “Rapist” (Julian Assange, IMF president Dominique Strauss-Kahn). The worst one is Pedophile.  These are generally applied without any evidence, or with evidence which falls apart on close inspection.

The statements on 60 minutes from the Alabama Medical Board are false.  All of the sexual allegations from the Alabama Medical Board came from their hired gun psychiatrist.  The medical board requires that physicians they are persecuting receive a psychiatric examination.  And this examination cannot be from anyone except the Medical Board’s own hired-gun shrink.  They even have to go out of the state of Alabama to find one that they can control!  One who is guaranteed to give the damning report that the Board is looking for.  Their hired-gun psychiatrist is forbidden by the US District Courts from giving testimony in Federal Court!  Why?  Do you think it is because he is known for telling the truth?  Or because his expert credentials are bona fide?  You figure it out.

Other charges have been made up, and all have been dropped.  I have never been convicted of any crimes.   I have pled guilty to a speeding  ticket.  There is a lot of innuendo, designed to destroy me.  Let me ask, why is it that there is such a great attempt to smear my name?  If there were real evidence, real crimes, would they not have brought me to trial?

  1. XII.              Lipitor

A comment from the Internet:

“Turns out that the entire segment was brought to us courtesy of Lipitor. A little internet research shows that Duke University gets billions in donations from the US Pharmaceutical industry. Reading the 60 Minutes web site this morning, I was amazed by the number of people commenting on the segment and extolling the effectiveness of Stem Cell research for a myriad of conditions, including Cerebral Palsy. “

Something fishy going on here?

IF you have read this far, you have found some odd things going on:

  1. Dr. Kurtzberg, 60 Minutes’ stem cell expert who says that there is no stem cell treatment for Cerebral Palsy, turns out to be doing research on exactly that, with apparently some success.   And she has a 10 million dollar center to do this work!  Yet, she lies about it, and, she will not publish that research.  Hmm, why is that?
  2. The same Dr. Kurtzberg supposedly said that all of the stem cells were tested were dead.  But later on, Scott Pelley admitted that they were not all dead.  Which is it?
  3. Something happened to the stem cells between the time that an aliquot (sample) was thawed and counted in Ecuador, and the time that Dr. Kurtzberg’s technician thawed them.
  4. Many readers have voluntarily testified that they have had stem cell treatments with great success.  Yet, 60 minutes and Dr. Kurtzberg claim that this is impossible.
  5. Gary Susser claims that his son had great improvement from stem cell therapies in Mexico.  Now he says there was no improvement!  Which is it?  And why did he lie?
  6. Scott Pelley brushes off the possibility that Big Pharma could have any ulterior motives towards stem cell therapies.  But this whole entrapment scheme is paid for by Lipitor!  Which happens to be a major funder of Duke University medical research.
  7. Dr. Ecklund is supposedly a drug dealing pervert, yet there is no evidence of that except the statement from a state mandated psychiatrist who is forbidden from testifying in Federal Court!

Does it seem that there could be something shady going on here?


  1. Lie: There is no treatment for Cerebral Palsy or other neurological disorders with stem cells.
    1. The comments from the readers, and video evidence from outside of the US shows that there is evidence for successful treatment of Cerebral Palsy, ALS, MS, Alzheimers, strikes, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s Disease, and other disorders.
  2. Lie: Dr. Kurtzberg believes that there is no use for stem cells in the treatment of Cerebral Palsy.
    1. Dr. Kurtzberg has treated over 150 CP patients with stem cells, many of them successfully.  She runs a $10 million research and treatment center involved in this treatment.
  3. Lie: The Susser family were scammed by stem cell treatments that didn’t work
    1. Evidence on their website, in three or more newspapers, on television news programs, and in the US House of Representatives testifies that Adam Susser had significant improvement following stem cell treatments.
  4. Lie: The Sussers were “enticed” to purchase a treatment which was ineffective
    1. The Sussers already had had experience with stem cells, so they knew whether or not they would be helpful for their son.
    2. The Sussers had full disclosure about possible risks and benefits for the stem cells.
    3. The Sussers begged for Dr. Ecklund to provide treatment, since it had worked in the past, and Dr. Ecklund, seeking the highest good for the patient, went out of his way to provide the treatment that had been successful in the past.
    4. The Sussers directed every aspect of this transaction.  They were not “enticed”.
    5. The Sussers lied about every aspect of this story, with the exception of their son’s iinitial injury.
  5. Lie: The stem cells purchased by Duke University were “all dead”
    1. David Pelley admitted that they weren’t all dead.  But he broadcast that they were.
    2. The cells were alive when they left our lab.
    3. Given the proven lies from 60 Minutes and Dr. Kurtzberg, it is very likely that the cells were damaged by negligence or intent after shipment.
  6. Lie: Dr. Ecklund was involved in a scam operation.
    1. Actually, Dr. Ecklund was the victim of entrapment by a pack of liars.
    2. Any possible illegality was performed by an Officer of the Court, and his backers.


Is it just coincidence that Master Mason Scott Pelley and CBS come out with this piece within days of the following?

  1. Stem cell therapists indicted in US
  2. FDA issues warning about stem cell therapies
  3. China has ordered a halt to all unapproved stem cell treatments and clinical trials,

What is it about stem cells that is so frightening to the Powers That Were?

And what should we do about it?

Dan Ecklund, MD

Odessa, Ukraine

10 January 2012

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