Twelve-Stranded DNA Nothing! Four-stranded Associated With Cancer!

Last week, I ragged on my friend about his loose use of scientific terms.  In that blog, I mentioned my aversion to the 12-stranded DNA myth.  Well,  I got an article today   which tells the story that FOUR-stranded DNA has been found, shows drawings of what its structure appears to be, and then it says that it is interesting because it is associated with CANCER!  Gee, if four stranded DNA means cancer, adding another 8 strands (“crystalline” or not) will certainly bollocks-up the cellular machinery!

To review, there is a New Age myth, whose origin I have not been able to track down, which says that in the Ascension, our DNA will be transformed from the plain, old ordinary kind common in ALL KNOWN LIFE FORMS from viruses to bacteria, plants and animals, to the higher stellar form of 12-stranded DNA.  And some say that our cells well change from being carbon-based to crystalline–one might assume that this means that we will be changed from carbon-based life forms to silicon life forms, like those big rock blobs on Star Trek.  Because, I suppose, plain old carbon is just not good enough.

My first question regarding this was always to try to pinpoint just what the myth refers to–does “12-stranded” refer to the double helix molecule itself, or does it refer to the two-stranded chromosomes in which the DNA is housed?  And I have never gotten an answer.

You are all familiar with the appearance of a chromosome, sort of a lopsided “X” shaped body with fat arms and legs joined at the center (see the fat blue chromosome on the linked page).  Well, if that represents “Two-stranded DNA”, then that would mean that a 12-stranded chromosome would look like a microscopic mop, or a nano-octopus, with 12 legs instead of eight, right?  Please tell me if you see an error in my logic.

But if the “Strandedness” refers not to the chromosome, but to the DNA molecule itself, that is a different story.  We are all familiar with the double helix form of the DNA molecule, which unzips during cell reproduction to form two mirror-image half molecules, which in turn reassemble into two separate double helices (that is the plural of helix, by the way).  If “two-stranded” refers to the DNA itself, and it were possible to assemble six DNA molecules together into a 12-stranded behemoth, I cannot imagine how the normal cellular machinery which reads the DNA information and uses it to build protein molecules, would possibly be able to function with a 12-stranded monstrosity!  I don’t pretend to know everything, and certainly not about crystalline ascended body physiology, but it seems to me that a 12-stranded DNA molecule, if such a thing were possible, would have a lot more in common with–yes–a crystal of some sort than of a component of a living cell.

The corollary to the 12-stranded DNA myth says that even today, some people are experiencing having their DNA transmorgrified over to a multi-stranded form, in preparation for the big New Age Rapture.  I always said, well, if that is happening, why is it unknown to medical science?  But now we know, it IS happening!  But, as I said, not with beneficial, but with pathological results.

OK, I will leave this alone.  But I am open to your comments and enlightenment!


Distilled Water/Urine Therapy Gobbledygook

I received a letter (posted below) from a good buddy about  “Health Breakthrough: Distilled Water & Urine Therapy”, and was forced to put on my curmudgeon hat to respond.  I thought that it was worth sharing here, so here it is:

First off, let me say that I do not have an argument with the possibility that urine therapy may be useful.  I have talked to people who swear by it, and give subjective evidence that it is useful to them.  Is that just the result of an expectation?  I don’t know.  I have read some material about it.  I do not know if urine therapy is useful, or is not.  I am open to it being so.

I also am very familiar with the concepts and practice of homeopathy, in which the vibrations of water are changed by the remedies added to the water, and the manipulation (sucussion, dilution) of the water.  The vibration of the remedy is potentized in the water, and the potentized water affects the body. I think that if urine therapy does anything beneficial, it must be through an action similar to that of homeopathy.  But, that is not what this letter said.

What I have problems with is when people say things that are blatantly false, or which violate accepted scientific understanding and concepts, and they make no attempt to say why what they say is true, and what the world says is false.  I mean, if you say that the world is flat, or that toads fly, give some evidence that it is so before you just expect us to believe such a wild assertion.  This boggles credulity, and generally it says to me that these people are either fools, or ignoramuses, or at the least, extremely poor teachers and expositors of the truth as they understand it.

I also have problems when people use terms in a way contrary to the generally accepted use of the word, and then expect you to follow blindly along the false path that they have just taken you on.  For example, “In the Ascension, we will have 12 strands of DNA”.  “And our DNA will be changed from organic to crystalline.”  Oh, really?  So, nice 2-stranded chromosomes are going to be turned into 12-stranded chromosomal octopi?  How will that work?  Oh, and CRYSTALLINE octopi, to boot?  Or is it that the double helix turns into a dodecihelix?  And just how do our ribosomes read that, to transcribe the encoded genome into proteins?  And how does our DNA replication work, then?  Has anyone ever SEEN or MODELED or even IMAGINED the shape of DNA as a 12-stranded macromolecule?

But then they expect you to swallow the whopper whole, without explanation, and they lead you, pied-piper like, down the merry path to mental destruction.

So, I will point out some of the fallacies which I see in your letter.  But, let’s first look at some definitions:

 Distilled water:  what does the word “Distilled” mean?  It means boiled to a vapor, and then condensed back into liquid, leaving many of the less volatile impurities behind.

Demineralized water:  Water which has had most of the minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, and sodium, removed, usually by a physical process like reverse osmosis, or with an absorptive resin, like in a water softener.

Reverse Osmosis:  The process of forcing a fluid through a semipermeable membrane, which allows the fluid to pass through, but restricts the passage of the dissolved minerals or other contaminants.

Organic:  Means containing carbon.  Organic chemistry refers to the chemistry of carbon compounds.  If you are using another definition of this word, in chemistry or physiology, please tell us what you mean!

OK, now let’s look at what you say, using these words:

There are 4 types of distilled water one can consume:

  1. Artificial – Distiller machine

  2. Water in fruits and vegetables

  3. Water in our bodies (urine) – THIS IS THE BEST WITH QUICKEST RESULTS.

  4. Distilled Water created from nature (rain water & dew) – NOT MINERAL SPRING WATER.

I find it interesting that they did not include bottled water, tap water, or lake water as “distilled water”.  I mean, let’s face it, lake water is probably a lot more “distilled” than urine is!!!  Unless their magic code word “distilled” actually means something else, which I won’t guess at at this time.

The only two of these which can be construed in any way to actually be distilled are #1 and #4.  Water in fruits and vegetables is NOT in any conceivable way distilled.  It is contaminated with sugars and proteins and minerals and starches and lots of other things.  How can this be called distilled????

And “URINE is DISTILLED”?  What kind of fluoride are YOU taking????  Urine is CONCENTRATED METABOLIC WASTE!!!  It is Concentrated Toxins!   It is the very OPPOSITE of distilled!!!!

Next weird, illogical and/or patently false statement:

The truth is distilled water leaches the body of “inorganic minerals but not organic minerals” which is exactly what the body needs.

Ok, so by minerals, I assume that you are talking about metals like calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, right?  Well, which of these minerals contain carbon, as is the definition of “organic”?  The answer:  NONE OF THEM!!!  What then, is the meaning of the above statement?  It has no meaning, as far as I can tell.

There is another possible meaning of the term “organic minerals”, which is that the minerals may be chelated (attached) to an organic (carbon containing) molecule, such as citrate, aspartate, malate, or another organic acid or amino acid.   Minerals are better absorbed through the gut wall into the bloodstream if they are chelated like this.  But, does “distilled water” change the way that such chelated minerals are treated by the body, as opposed to “nondistilled water”?  No.  water is water.  The body does not handle the water molecules in your expensive bottled water any differently than it does the water molecules in the tap water, or the water molecules in your bloodstream.  The only difference is the presence of other materials (solutes, contaminants, toxins, whatever you want to call them) in one source vs another.

To tell the truth, when I read obvious disinformation like this, it makes me consider whether the whole cult which produces this material is not a consciously created program to dumb us down and teach us to accept things as true, but which are patently false.  Or, it may be a plan to discredit the final claim (urine being a health stimulating substance) in the mind of anyone with any tiny degree of knowledge of physiology, by giving only gobsmackingly false statements of “fact” as support for the conclusion.  Like saying:  Toads have wings, and birds are toads, so therefore, birds can fly!  The corollaries are so unthinkably incorrect that no one with a thinking, logical mind would even consider that the conclusion might actually be true.

Let me open to another possibility which perhaps is the intention of this type of article.  That is, that “as a human being sensitive to energy, I perceive a difference between the way this kind of water feels in my body, or when I drink it, as opposed to the way I feel when I drink THAT kind of water.”  Ok, that may be true.  It may be that there is an ENERGETIC or VIBRATIONAL or possibly STRUCTURAL (a la Patrick Flanigan) difference in the different types of water.  It is possible that water passed thru biodynamic flow forms is energized in a way which makes it different than water from a pipe.  That may be true.  But if that is what you mean, THEN SAY THAT!  Say what you mean!  Don’t try to turn your subjective, intuitive sense of a difference into a scientific, measurable, difference, by lying about it, just because you think that using scientific words (which you obviously know very little about) makes your subjective understanding more acceptable.  Lying is lying.  Falsehood is falsehood.  Saying that a toad is a bird does not make it so, and saying that urine is somehow “distilled water” does not MAKE urine into distilled water.



From: The Big Guy
Sent: Friday, January 18, 2013 9:54 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Knowledge is Power (Health Breakthrough: Distilled Water & Urine Therapy)

Hello Everyone,

For those of you who are health conscious, the below video is strongly recommended.  The topic is DISTILLED WATER and/or URINE THERAPY.

This actually is the fountain of youth.  The cabal has put out propaganda that distilled water leaches the body of minerals.  But the “trickery” and “slight of hand” is their claim fails to distinguish between organic and inorganic minerals.  The truth is distilled water leaches the body of “inorganic minerals but not organic minerals” which is exactly what the body needs.

Secondly, the volume of water is very important.  For an average person we need to be consuming 1 gallon of distilled/urine water per day, to create the river flowing threw our body effect.  When this happens miracles and age reversal starts happen such as:  white hair turning dark again, bald spots filling in, increase in energy, intense detoxification of heavy medals and all forms of toxins, healing of cancers and debilitating diseases.

There are 4 types of distilled water one can consume:

  1. Artificial – Distiller machine
  2. Water in fruits and vegetables
  3. Water in our bodies (urine) – THIS IS THE BEST WITH QUICKEST RESULTS.
  4. Distilled Water created from nature (rain water & dew) – NOT MINERAL SPRING WATER.

Below is a 15 min video that gives a very good overview of this super important health topic that I want to create conscious awareness of, which is why I’m sending this email out.

I’m 100% certain the dark cabal who runs this planet does NOT WANT THE SHEEPLE to find this information out…..because it does everything opposed to what they are aiming for.  Specifically, it heals, raises conscious awareness, it slows and may even reverse the aging process, which in turn means:  many less people needing medical attention, pharmaceutical drugs, awake and aware physically, mentally and spiritually, healthy and vibrant.

Here it is! The Secret to the Fountain of Youth…In our Aquarian time, the knowledge is freely available to us now, at our fingertips….

Blessings, The Big Guy

P.S. Below is a PROTOCOL for any of you out there who have any sort of physical ailment worth your consideration…..


Understand that diagnosis is no longer necessary and the protocol is exactly the same for all serious illnesses.

The following is the highest-speed, Aquarian Protocol, in which cancers and tumors, for instance, are usually totally destroyed without a trace within 2-4 weeks…

Fast while drinking all of your Urine, except for a once a day pint (1/2ltr) set aside to be used for a daily, full body rubdown. If desired, also consume the Purest, Distilled Water which is available.

If the person with the illness does not wish to drink Urine, then…

Fast while drinking at least a gallon a day (4ltrs) up to 1.5 gallons per day (6ltrs) of any desired combination of Raw, Living Juices and the Purest, Distilled Water available.

You can expect the exact same victory, but these waters are not as finely distilled as Urine and it will take approximately 2-3 times longer for completion.

If the person with the illness does not wish to Fast, then…

Drink any combination of the Pure, Distilled Waters in the same volume, and know that completion will take longer, and the extra length is determined by how healthy the diet is.

Fibromyalgia, Autism, and Oxalate Excess

I listened to a presentation last night from Dr. Kurt Woeller, sponsored by Great Plains Laboratory.  Dr. Woeller was discussing the role of disruptions in oxalate metabolism in autism and fibromyalgia.  It was new info for me, so probably it is for you, too.

Oxalic acid is the acid form of this molecule (the base is called oxalate), and it is the main thing that makes rhubarb sour (the leaves have so much they are considered poisonous), and also wood sorrel (the little “four leaf clover” looking plants which are common little lawn weeds from Florida throughout most of the US).  The scientific name for this plant is Oxalis (you can buy larger varieties as potted floral plants), and the acid is named Oxalic Acid, after this plant.  Other plants high in oxalate are spinach, beets, and swiss chard.  You know that gritty feeling of your teeth that you get sometimes when you eat spinach?  That is oxalate crystals.

Oxalic acid is thought by French researcher Joseph Davidovits to be the key to how the pyramids were built!  He wrote a book describing a process by which the acids in plants could dissolve stone, and then it could be cast in molds, and converted back into stone.  There is significant evidence that this technology was used for the megalithic structures of Egypt, and also the Incas of South America had a similar substance with which they dissolved stone and cast it into blocks for their huge structures.

Oxalic acid is used to bleach stained wood, and to remove rust, lime and corrosion from automobile radiators.  Plus, as I mentioned, it dissolves rocks!   Does it make sense that you might not want to have too much of this acid in your body?

Anyway, oxalic acid is a common part of our foods, and it can also be produced in abnormally large amounts by yeasts (like Candida), molds (aspergillis) and other fungi which might be inhabiting our bodies.  For some people, they have the ability to get rid of the excess oxalate.  For some, it causes problems.

Oxalate crystals (oxalic acid combined with a metal, such as calcium) form spiky or needle-like crystals, which can deposit into the kidneys, liver, muscles, bones, joints, brain, and really, just about any tissue.  Just by looking at these crystals it is quite apparent why deposits of these spikey, spiny crystals in any tissue would cause pain!  Furthermore, elevated levels of oxalate can also cause problems with the function of the brain and nervous system,  such as are common in autism and fibromyalgia.  And these are two disorders in which high oxalate levels are commonly found.

Your doctor is probably aware of one other disorder in which an organic acid—uric acid, in this case—is poorly excreted, and ends up in deposits in the bones and joints, especially the big toe!  This disorder is called gout, and the deposits of uric acid crystals appear as lumps of fluffy white crystals which cause excruciating pain.  So, mentioning gout as an example of an organic acid disorder might be helpful.

Too much oxalate in the body causes an uncoupling of the process by which the mitochondria (the little bacteria-like power plants in almost every cell) create energy currency for use by the cells.  Oxalate blocks the action of vitamin B6 in producing ATP from carbohydrates or proteins.  ATP is the energy currency spent by most cells in the body.  This could certainly explain why people with fibromyalgia seem to have “less money in their accounts”, and to be unable to replenish their energy currency like unaffected people.  No wonder small exertions like vacuuming the living room can cause them to crash for two or three days!!!  They can’t make energy currency (ATP), and so spending even small amounts of ATP currency on trivial things “breaks the bank”.   And replenishing the ATP currency accounts takes much longer than normal.

Oxalate also binds heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, or cadmium, and can be the cause for a chelation program to rid the body of these toxins being ineffective.  Only when the oxalate levels are lessened does the body start getting rid of its toxic levels of heavy metals.

So how do you find out if you have too much oxalate in your body?  Great Plains Laboratory in Kansas has a patented urine test called the OAT—Organic Acid Test—which looks at several different kinds of organic acids in the urine.  It is truly a key for understanding metabolic disorders, including chronic fatigue, autism, and others.  If your doctor will not order this test (because he is unlikely to be aware of the role of organic acid metabolism in illness), you can order it yourself, and receive a graphic report.  You will likely want to discuss the report with a physician trained in metabolic laboratory tests, or perhaps a clinical nutritionist.  Dr. Woeller is also available for consultations, as am I.

If you find out that you have high oxalate levels, what can you do about it?  There are a few things.  First, you can go on a low oxalate diet.   You can find out more info about this from some experts at the links below.  These are also good sources for other information about oxalate problems in general.

Next, you can support the body’s ability to excrete oxalate by taking supplements such as oral calcium citrate.  If there is too much oxalate in the gut (from food or produced by yeasts, fungi or bacteria in the gut), calcium will tend to bind to it, forming a calcium oxalate crystal which passes with the stool.

The OAT test may suggest high levels of yeast or other organisms, producing large levels of oxalate.  Repairing the internal ecology (the mixture of bacteria and fungi, and possibly parasites, inside the intestine) by using probiotic formulations should help this, as well.  More specific information about the state of the internal ecology can be obtained by doing a stool analysis.  I recommend Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs, now Genova, as the best in the business, and very much accustomed to working with patients with less recognized disorders.

Finally, there are other vitamins and supplements which can be helpful, such as B6.  Others will help the body be less irritable when oxalate starts moving from the tissues in what is called “oxalate dumping”.  Some good information about that is also available at the oxalate diet sites.

I hope that this offers some hope and insight into what might be a key finding for fibromyalgia, and one of the many causes of autism.

To Your Health,



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Legal Update

Well, it appears that the government officers who say that I am an evil monster have failed, in the 30 days allotted, to actually SIGN the charges against me, to swear that these charges are true.  But, then outside of that 30 day period, the complaint was signed.  Illegal, yes.  But, we do still have a dictatorship in the country, and the “justice” system has not been following their own rules or the law thus far, so it is likely that I would still be in jeopardy if I were to return home.   I will therefore hang out until the whole case (not just against me, but against my partner) is dismissed.

Another development is that the judge in charge of the case got tired of being told by the national government how he should rule in this case, and he just resigned!  We have no idea how the NEW judge will behave, but we are not holding our collective breath that it will be an improvement.