Legal Update

Well, it appears that the government officers who say that I am an evil monster have failed, in the 30 days allotted, to actually SIGN the charges against me, to swear that these charges are true.  But, then outside of that 30 day period, the complaint was signed.  Illegal, yes.  But, we do still have a dictatorship in the country, and the “justice” system has not been following their own rules or the law thus far, so it is likely that I would still be in jeopardy if I were to return home.   I will therefore hang out until the whole case (not just against me, but against my partner) is dismissed.

Another development is that the judge in charge of the case got tired of being told by the national government how he should rule in this case, and he just resigned!  We have no idea how the NEW judge will behave, but we are not holding our collective breath that it will be an improvement.




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