Twelve-Stranded DNA Nothing! Four-stranded Associated With Cancer!

Last week, I ragged on my friend about his loose use of scientific terms.  In that blog, I mentioned my aversion to the 12-stranded DNA myth.  Well,  I got an article today   which tells the story that FOUR-stranded DNA has been found, shows drawings of what its structure appears to be, and then it says that it is interesting because it is associated with CANCER!  Gee, if four stranded DNA means cancer, adding another 8 strands (“crystalline” or not) will certainly bollocks-up the cellular machinery!

To review, there is a New Age myth, whose origin I have not been able to track down, which says that in the Ascension, our DNA will be transformed from the plain, old ordinary kind common in ALL KNOWN LIFE FORMS from viruses to bacteria, plants and animals, to the higher stellar form of 12-stranded DNA.  And some say that our cells well change from being carbon-based to crystalline–one might assume that this means that we will be changed from carbon-based life forms to silicon life forms, like those big rock blobs on Star Trek.  Because, I suppose, plain old carbon is just not good enough.

My first question regarding this was always to try to pinpoint just what the myth refers to–does “12-stranded” refer to the double helix molecule itself, or does it refer to the two-stranded chromosomes in which the DNA is housed?  And I have never gotten an answer.

You are all familiar with the appearance of a chromosome, sort of a lopsided “X” shaped body with fat arms and legs joined at the center (see the fat blue chromosome on the linked page).  Well, if that represents “Two-stranded DNA”, then that would mean that a 12-stranded chromosome would look like a microscopic mop, or a nano-octopus, with 12 legs instead of eight, right?  Please tell me if you see an error in my logic.

But if the “Strandedness” refers not to the chromosome, but to the DNA molecule itself, that is a different story.  We are all familiar with the double helix form of the DNA molecule, which unzips during cell reproduction to form two mirror-image half molecules, which in turn reassemble into two separate double helices (that is the plural of helix, by the way).  If “two-stranded” refers to the DNA itself, and it were possible to assemble six DNA molecules together into a 12-stranded behemoth, I cannot imagine how the normal cellular machinery which reads the DNA information and uses it to build protein molecules, would possibly be able to function with a 12-stranded monstrosity!  I don’t pretend to know everything, and certainly not about crystalline ascended body physiology, but it seems to me that a 12-stranded DNA molecule, if such a thing were possible, would have a lot more in common with–yes–a crystal of some sort than of a component of a living cell.

The corollary to the 12-stranded DNA myth says that even today, some people are experiencing having their DNA transmorgrified over to a multi-stranded form, in preparation for the big New Age Rapture.  I always said, well, if that is happening, why is it unknown to medical science?  But now we know, it IS happening!  But, as I said, not with beneficial, but with pathological results.

OK, I will leave this alone.  But I am open to your comments and enlightenment!


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