Who AM I?

This page may start out as a somewhat dry curriculum vitae, but I suspect that it will morph into a somewhat more revealing collection of anecdotes and memoirs—yes, I am old enough that I can think about memoirs.  The asterisks in the skeleton below are places where I may come back and attach some meat, in the form of brief anecdotes which have shaped my life, or perhaps longer pieces.  Check back later and see if any have morphed into links.


US Army Intelligence officer, then Medical Service Corps officer, then Medical Officer, with the rank of Major on discharge from active participations in the reserve forces.  4 years active duty, and 12 total, not including 2 years in the Reserve Officers Training Corps.  While in the Army, I held a Top Secret clearance with Special Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) access. *While I was in the Army, I took training from the Monroe Institute of Afton, Virginia.  This is the same group which trained the Remote Viewer team for the Army, though neither the Army nor the CIA would admit such a group when I inquired of them.  I did this training on my own, not through Army channels.  Later, I taught some of the crypto techs in the “above top secret” Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) how to do basic remote viewing, and they were somewhat successful.  Again this was not sanctioned by the Army.

Graduate of University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health with a Doctor of Medicine degree, 1990.  3 more years of training in Family Practice Residency program in Indiana, followed by 4 years of rural family practice.  Towards the end of that four years, I began to realize that there was a lot of healing science and techniques which were verboten to MDs*, and I began to explore that alternative side of medicine as well.  As medical director of an alternative medical center in Ohio, I began to learn more and more about the scientific basis of alternative medicine, and I made a major study of that, while supplementing my studies with a far flung practice in emergency room medicine throughout the Midwest.

Eventually, I was hired as medical director of a new integrative medical center in the Deep South.  A couple of years later, after continual fighting with the established medical insurance cartel to be reimbursed for my unconventional, but effective, medical care, I was dismissed in favor of someone who did not have the expertise, but who was already in the system, so was able to receive insurance payments for the clinic.  I started up several clinics, and joined others which already were operated by chiropractors.  Eventually, the state chiropractic and medical examiners tried to get me to testify against my chiropractic partners on the theory that by joining an MD and DC practice, the chiropractors were stepping into the medical turf, and when that failed, I was jailed for several months on trumped up narcotics charges, and in obviously illegal* administrative proceedings, stripped of my own medical license when the charges were dropped.

A few years later, after doing some individual research on stem cells, I was offered a position as medical director of a stem cell research company* in South America, where I worked for several years to develop methods to reproducibly produce stem cells from discarded afterbirth tissues.  This eventually led to my being the brunt of a national TV program investigation in the US*, and charges including serial murder in South America!*


I have worked as a gofer in a heating plant, linguist, missionary, computer programmer, radio and computer and TV repairman, taught electronics in a vocational college, taught intelligence at an Army Intelligence school, delivered pizzas, trained as a shaman, clerked in a hotel, researched stem cells, and investigated international finance, among other things.




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